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Our 8 week long GRE Session helps you prepare for all areas tested on the exam i.e. the Analytical Writing Assessment Section, Verbal Reasoning Section and the Quantitative Reasoning Section. The session includes online (live) lectures, practice material, mock exams and everything else you need to prepare for the test. In addition, we generally conduct a few sessions on graduate admissions so students can prepare their graduate school application better. 


GRE Session Details

Duration: 8 Weeks

Practice Questions: 1500+

Mock Exams: 16

Charges: 20,000/-

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Online Seminars on Graduate Admission

Whatever appeared in the exam was either what we studied in the Quva prep classes or an extension of the concepts we studied. There were no big surprises! 
Aun Dastgir – Erasmus Scholar

About the Instructors:

Sessions at Quva are conducted by Umair Khan and Furrukh Sami. The instructors have GRE Scores of  338/340 (170Q, 168V) and 326/340 (168Q, 158V) ) respectively. Both of them graduated from NUST as mechanical engineers and have a shared passion for education technology startups. In addition, Umair has a Master’s Degree from Harvard University on Fulbright Scholarship and helps students apply for grad school in his free time.

Class Timings:

Friday: 7pm to 9pm

Saturday: 11am to 3pm

Sunday: 11am to 3pm

Students can also listen to recorded lectures later.

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Quva has helped me get a great GRE score with only two months of rigorous preparation. Their small class size enables them to give individual attention to students. Moreover, the teaching methods and study material through an online portal helps students identify their weaknesses and work on them. During the classes students are made to practice mock exams. Computer based mocks are also available for students to get familiar with the actual GRE exam. All of this is available at a very reasonable price compared to others. I strongly recommend students to prepare for GRE through Quva.

Saad Aftab

GRE Score 317, LUMS

Knowing nothing about GRE and walking into the wilderness without any definite directions, I joined Quva with ample bewilderment. However, despite all the odds, they guided me thoroughly and patiently. The two things novel to Quva are; the integrated ambiance of the classes where regardless of the age gap students interacted and shared their experience with an intention to help others. And as for me, it aligned and moulded my thoughts positively. Secondly, the mentors at Quva have attempted the GRE, so their first hand tidbits are the best. Moreover, they recently initiated online sessions as well, that again is a really good initiative on their part and extremely convenient. The online practice materials and supporting councillors gave me the push that I just needed. And hats off to them for pulling of all that!

Amna Riaz


I wanted to apply for Fulbright and one of the most important steps in completing the application was the GRE attempt – something about which I was lacking proper information and guidance. With less than a couple of months to go before the deadline, I came across Quva and, after seeing glowing reviews on their online profiles, I decided to give them a shot instead of other established names in Lahore. My main reason, and the most commonly occurring theme among their reviews, was the attention that Quva provides each individual student. 

Throughout their session, considering that I was also juggling a full-time job on the side, instructors at Quva were able to aptly guide me towards making most of my limited time before the imminent deadline for attempting GRE. They helped shape my study plan according to my schedule and provided me with enough resources, including in-class questions, assignments, and mock papers, to help me get in shape for my exam. With their help I was able to get my required score in both sections of the exam. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone who is setting out on the dreaded GRE journey to give Quva a chance, I’m sure they will be able to turn this experience into a comfortable and memorable ride instead.

Shaoor Munir


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