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University of Illionis Graduate College has covered in detail how an ideal resume should look like and shared samples of ideal resumes as well. Please go through the document before reading the article below.

Fulbright Scholarship applicants are required to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or a Professional Resume at the time of application. This resume gives further details about the candidate to the admission committee. Resume is an advertisement of applicant’s achievements. Therefore, it should be convincing and attractive.
Like all resumes, there is no hard and fast rule of constructing and writing a resume which will accompany your Fulbright scholarship.

There is no specific format for a resume but one can follow certain guidelines which will enable him/her to write a good resume.

  1. Take Care Of Basic Information

Firstly, list down your education information. Next write about your work experiences. Then make a list of worthwhile projects you have worked upon and write them. Next, write about your philanthropic work, if any, and about your academic achievements. Anything that makes you stand out, make it a part of your resume.

Note: Make sure you know the listed projects in and out. Also, you need to have a proof of every achievement or philanthropic work you are quoting!

  1. Follow A Resume Template

In order to grab the attention of the person reviewing your application, applicants need to make their resume distinctive. Following a unique template will surely be a blessing to the sore eye of the reviewer, who is tired of reviewing simple, uniformly constructed resumes.

  1. Make Use Of Figures

Make use of metrics to describe your performance. It will instantly give the reviewer a better understanding of your work and achievements making the decision process more easy for him/her. An example of it is write what was expected of you and what you achieved.

  1. Give Details About Your Philanthropic Work

Philanthropic Work has a lot of weightage. Explaining a bit about your work will portray a positive image about the applicant in the reviewers mind. Explain what you did and how you contributed towards the society in making it a better place.

  1. Your Role as a Community Leader

Discuss in your resume how you contributed towards the community by initiating or handling tasks that led to improvement. Tell the reviewer, how your projects, actions or work has created a positive impact on the people and society as a whole.

  1. Highlight Keywords

In order to grab the reviewer’s attention, highlight the keywords in your resume. Examples of keywords are Leader, Awards, Skills etc. Highlighting keywords helps in creating an image in the reviewer’s mind when he/she is skimming through it.

Note: Make sure you highlight words which match your area of expertise you are applying in.

  1. Be Specific And To The Point

Don’t add unnecessary details. This is a resume not an essay.

  1. Keep Empty Space To The Minimum
    No need to add pages to your resumes adding irrelevant white space and details. As a rule of thumb, if you have less than 5 years of experience, your resume should not exceed 1 page.

All guidelines also come with a list of DONT!

Here there is a list of DONTS for your Resume:

  1. Don’t Add Personal Information

The contact number, mailing address etc. has already been provided in other forms of Fulbright Scholarship. No need to add it in your resume.

  1. Don’t Write An Objective

Focus on other details which can be backed by proofs like achievements, awards.

  1. Don’t Just List Down Everything

Resume needs to be neatly constructed and organized. Furthermore, it should be easy to read. No one would be interested in reading a long list of bullet points extending to multiple pages. Resume should be precise and organized!

  1. On listing Down References.

A simple statement “Referrals will be provided upon request” will do. No need to waste precious resume space in listing referrals.

Resume is a Precise Document which should include all your achievements uptill current date. Detailed information has been provided in the personal statement so don’t be tempted to add unnecessary details. Keep it simple and neat and you will surely grab the reviewer’s attention!

Sample Resume for Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan- 1

Sample Resume for Fulbright Pakistan- 2

The following is a resume of a candidate who received Master’s funding from US.

Sample-Fulbright-resume-Pakistan-1 Sample-Fulbright-resume-Pakistan-2 Sample-Fulbright-resume-Pakistan-3
Sample-Fulbright-resume-Pakistan-4 Sample-Fulbright-resume-Pakistan-3-2