Happy Customers! 

  • I took quva’s free session during the COVID19 lockdown. And honestly, this was an amazing gesture form their end. Team quva definitely helped each of their students in whatever capacity possible, from making sure one understands the concepts the GRE tests in-depth and clearly to holding information sessions regarding grad school- the experience with quva sure was a holistic one. The instructors don’t shy away from incessantly explaining concepts, never getting annoyed one bit which I feel is a huge plus with team quva. They’re going a great job!

    Anusheh Attique Avatar
    Anusheh Attique

    Choosing to prep for GRE with QUVA was my perfect decision. They are not only professional but also cater to everyones needs by properly giving exclusive time n effort to solve the tasks and difficult questions. My experience with Quva has been amazing. I'd definitely recommend it to everyone aiming to score high in GRE.

    Roha Tariq Avatar
    Roha Tariq

    My experience with Quva far exceeded my expectations. The classes were highly interactive. Both the instructors gave individual attention to the students, and the friendly environment allowed us to keep asking questions without hesitation. I could never decide whether I enjoyed Quant more or Verbal, coz both areas seemed equally interesting when taught by Sir Farrukh and Sir Umair.
    I'd especially like to mention the ease with which they helped us transition from regular classes to online ones in the middle of the session, without compromising on the quality of the lectures. Not just that, but they were also more than willing to have extra classes to help us catch up on the basics wherever we lacked them.
    All in all, it's a great place to go to for GRE, and I'd highly recommend it to those who are looking for quality prep.

    Ifrah Maskan Avatar
    Ifrah Maskan

    My experience with Quva was great. The instructors have extensive teaching experience, are very professional and helpful and were available even after the classes to address our queries.
    The syllabus was very well devised. Covering all the important concepts. I learned how to attempt questions with techniques and strategies that were time saving and easy to apply. Also, the resources that were provided such as the practise questions, assignments and mock exams helped me alot in improving my quant and verbal skills.. I feel much more confident about my preparation after attending these classes and would surely recommend to anyone who wants to prepare for GRE.

    Bakhtawar Khan Avatar
    Bakhtawar Khan

    - Interactive Classes
    - Live Problem Solving
    - Given Assignments
    - Suggested Resources
    - Multiple live sessions with Full Bright Scholars
    - Regular Tests
    - Friendly Teaching Style. Teachers are easy to reach out in other than class timings. They try their best to respond to individual students messages.
    - Clarity with which teachers teach complex problems
    - Adjustment of class timings on students request
    Cant recommend highly enough.

    Muhammad Naufil Avatar
    Muhammad Naufil

    Going to Quva on a friend’s random suggestion, I did not know what to expect from the institute but after just one class, I knew they will be more than capable to help me in my Gre prep.
    The casual group environment of around 15 students as well as the sharp eye of the teachers mean that no shy student who needs help is missed by the them. Sir Farrukh and Sir Umair both have amazing tips and tricks to help in time management and solving questions. They also keep on top of their students about the preparation as well as have basics online classes (for maths) in the week days.
    During lockdown, they started online classes which again helped me a lot in continuing the preparation.
    Both teachers are highly skilled and thoroughly helpful and friendly and they know exactly how to break down difficult concepts to their students. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for Gre preparation in Lahore.

    Amna Naveed Avatar
    Amna Naveed

    positive review The thing that kept me away from taking my GRE was its tough and lengthy course. I was quite intimidated since I did not have any guidance and that is when I came across Quva. One of the major reasons that makes Quva a winner is their teaching strategy. They help you learn the concepts thoroughly and their practice sessions within classes let's you analyze your prep and they also have an online portal on which assignments are uploaded on a daily basis that help you practice more and boost your score to increase the chances to get into your dream college. Also, I really liked how they continued providing support and assistance even after the 8 week long session had ended and how they were always there to provide any kind of guidance or counselling regarding graduate admissions that I needed. Will totally recommend Quva to everyone preparing the test.

    Javeria Riaz Malik Avatar
    Javeria Riaz Malik

    positive review Choosing QUVA was an excellent decision, and I shall remain indebted to them. Sir Umair and Sir Farrukh, who helped me with constant practice with many exercises of high difficulty level and guided me and monitored my performance, which boosted my confidence for the actual test. They helped me create patterns and techniques to answer a difficult question. Both are dedicated persons with an aim and passion for helping students and preparing them for real GRE.I find myself lucky to have an instructor who gives attention individually to every student and makes sure nobody feels left out.
    I would like to recommend QUVA if you are aiming for a good score in GRE. And I wish them the best of luck. 🙂
    P.s Here is the Meme that show my whole experience. 😉

    Ahmad Umair Hamza Avatar
    Ahmad Umair Hamza

    positive review When I was looking for GRE preparation, and started asking around, people had mixed opinions, ranging from, "khud tyari karo", to "go to one of the famous places", but then a friend mentioned Quva as she was studying there at that time. I went there and was told that I could have 2 trial classes as well, but by the end of 1st lecture I knew that I had to attend this academy. There were multiple reasons for this. Firstly, the environment was more like a group study then a strict school class environment. That is always a good thing for me because this environment is comfortable and prone to learning at the same time. Secondly, the amount of attention paid to each and every individual is amazing, because that's the thing with general tests like GRE, everyone has his/her own way of understanding things, and Sir Farrukh and Sir Umair made sure everyone was upto speed. Lastly, the kind of questions we did in class. So, at a normal academy you'd have instructors doing all three sorts of questions in class, the easy, the medium ones and the hard ones, however, at Quva we usually did the hard type and that helped alot when we did the official question as they were relatively easy. So, yeah for me these things are very important in order to choose my GRE Prep centre and Quva had them all.

    Hassaan Ul Haq Avatar
    Hassaan Ul Haq

    positive review Quva wasn't my number one choice for GRE prep because it did not occupy a place in the discourse that revolved around deciding what prep centers were the go-to ones. However, I saw some ads pop up around facebook and instagram and thought I'd gather some details.

    Proximity and pricing were the two factors that appealed to me. Upon getting some more information from the instructors who were adamant I took the free sessions to make an informed decision, my faith in Quva grew.

    Ever since that point I have not regretted my decision. The classes were 7 weeks long with thorough practice inside the classroom and enough material to work with otherwise. What I loved about Quva was their strategic approach towards each component of the GRE. Each class had a set plan that we worked with. I'm not too bad at math but I never thought I could solve lengthy questions in 30 seconds without a calculator. The reasonable class size allowed everyone to get time and attention. All type of questions (even the most basic ones) were addressed duly and that was my favourite part about the classes. I wasn't afraid to ask questions.

    Both the instructors are extremely dedicated and go out of the way to ensure every query put up by a student is addressed. The session I took was taught by Sir Farrukh and he undoubtedly is one of the smartest teachers I know.

    I plan on taking the GRE very soon and even though the session has ended, the instructors are kind enough to help me out with my preparation and respond whenever I have questions.

    Quva is, without a doubt, the best choice I made for GRE prep and having had such a great experience, I would recommend it 10/10.

    Aleezé Malik Avatar
    Aleezé Malik

    positive review I had a wonderful experience with Quva and they have helped me alot in my Quant as well as verbal section. Being an engineer i was hoping that i wont be needing any help in Quant, but the practice sessions and then detailed discussions on each of your mistakes actually helped me to improve alot. I would highly recommend this Institute for GRE Prep as well as for proper guidance and counselling about all your higher education worries.

    Muhammad Zakaria Avatar
    Muhammad Zakaria

    positive review My experience of GRE preparation at QUVA has been great and worthy. I got to know about them through their Instagram page. Before joining, it would not be wrong to say that I was lost, confused about the pattern and the strategy to prepare. It was like grasping at straws but then preparing from here got me clear headed and basically paved a way to strategize my preparation for the test. I thank my considerate and well-qualified instructors for the knowledge they imparted in me and the individual attention they gave me. That’s the best part about this place. I recommend all the GRE aspirants to choose QUVA to ace their test with an amazing score.

    Shanza Imran Avatar
    Shanza Imran

    positive review I joined quva at a stage where i had no idea about what I was doing. But i was lucky to meet extremely devoted and well read teachers at the academy. I am very impressed by their honesty and the hard work they put in for every student. Its been a week after my classes and I am still being offered help to improve my score, free of cost. Not only that, we also have information sessions regarding full bright scholarships and how to improve ones application. I can say this with certainty, that if you do your assigned tasks for each week and attend these classes, you can definitely improve your score here!

    Reshum Zubair Avatar
    Reshum Zubair

    positive review When I decided to prepare for GRE, joining Quva, or for that matter any institute, was not a priority. Skeptical about the decision, I went for the trial class anyway. I was instantly impressed by the careful planning and teaching methodology that goes into the lectures.
    You can be good at Mathematics, which coming from an engineering background I was but to crack the GRE, you must be good at efficient ways to attempt a question under time constraints. There can be many ways to solve a quant question, but only one right way to ace GRE. That’s where you need to learn the necessary tricks and tips. Instructors there made sure to build that aptitude in me. Since this process is totally subjective, individual attention and concern Farrukh and Umair have is very helpful. Equal attention is paid to verbal section as well.
    Harder questions are aimed in class which helps preparing you for real GRE. The fact that most of the practice is done during lectures which too are on weekends is opportune for people like me who are always vacillating between job and study.
    Practice questions, portal assignments, quizzes and timed mock exams help you get in tune with the real exam which can get a little intimidating otherwise.
    My overall experience was thoroughly convincing and I would totally recommend Quva to GRE aspirants. You won’t regret giving it a shot!

    Alishba Tahir Avatar
    Alishba Tahir

    positive review I joined Quva on 20th July 2019 with a lot of apprehensions about the quality of training provided by “coaching centers” in the market. Most of my confusions and ambiguities were discounted on the first day by the fact that the number of students attending the lectures were limited and were being given individual attention. Another breath of fresh air was when I noticed that the lecture methodology did not comprise of the conventional model of starting from “A” and ending at “Z”. Rather, a carefully designed lecture plan was executed such that to deliver the maximum in a short span of time. The concepts were discussed along with practice questions. The rigorous practice sessions, mocks, portal exercises and lectures constituted an optimum and desirable mix that is a dream of every aspirant who wishes to take GRE. More power to Quva!

    Mehreen Ahmad Avatar
    Mehreen Ahmad

    positive review Quva trains us by practicing on difficult questions in its classes. The material is very helpful in understanding the tips and tricks needed to get good marks. We also get individual attention due to limited number of students. Highly recommended.

    Asher Ahmed Avatar
    Asher Ahmed

    positive review As a student completely unaware of the requirements of GRE, Quva sessions helped me build my GRE aptitude from scratch. The Quva sessions are designed such that they cover both Quant and Verbal sections with ease and alot of clarity.

    The highlight of my experience remains with the quality resources shared in terms of in class assignments, home assignments, mock exams etc. At the end of the day, the combination of all these resouces allowed me to be prepared for all sorts of questions expected in the real GRE.

    Individual attention is ensured, a facet that other parallel programs do not offer. The instructors are extremely well versed with the material and deliver it such that students are easily able to comprehend and grasp it.

    Juggling a full time job on the side, the session was planned such that I was easily able to integrate my GRE prep into my schedule.

    All in all, the extremely daunting GRE ride that i started, Quva allowed it to be transformed into a really calm and comfortable experience. I would recommend anyone starting out their GRE prep to give Quva a try, you'd not regret it!

    Hiba Hassan Avatar
    Hiba Hassan

    positive review A great experience because of unconventional teaching methods. The best thing about QUVA is that you don't need to give a lot of time to GRE at home and I improved my score to 5 6 points. Highly recommended to anyone who is taking GRE any soon.

    Shahzaib Naveed Avatar
    Shahzaib Naveed

    positive review I had my GRE on the 6th of March. 2019.
    Q 157
    V 154
    Test day experience was very good, I arrived at the test center about an hour before my test was scheduled, please keep in mind the parking and traffic outside the test center in Lahore can be a bit of a problem, so give ample time.
    The test itself went okay. I was given 3 quant sections. But on my part, during preparation and in the days leading up to the test, I made the mistake of working too hard on the verbal section. From day 1, I felt comfortable scoring good marks in the quant sections, but that was where I was wrong, and became complacent. My quant score is nowhere near what I expected.
    Before joining Quva sessions, I attempted the ETS website mock, and scored a meager 292. So I do see it as a considerable improvement.
    The sessions with Quva helped a lot. For quantitative, there was not a single GRE related topic that was not covered in the classes. The sessions were really helpful in reviving and freshening up in long lost and rusty mathematical concepts. For verbal, the resources shared amongst the students were especially helpful in building up the tolerance you need to have while attempting the GRE test. I believe RC's were my strong point in verbal, and that was down to the in depth sessions on how to break up the passage, (state any implicit assumptions, main conclusion, intermediate conclusions, descriptive/argumentative passage etc) which lead to a better approach to attempting the RC's.
    More than the concepts, GRE's mainly assesses the reasoning or analytical ability, and there are certain tips and tricks to it. At quva, with Sir Umair, and Sir Farrukh, we were able to learn those tricks.
    For all future GRE entrants, I would totally recommend QUVA for the preparation and to give you the right direction. Also I would suggest to not over rely on your Mock scores, the scores are not true representatives of your ability due to a number of factors. Attempt mocks ONLY to build up stamina for the actual test.
    Thank you

    Harmane Quddus Avatar
    Harmane Quddus

    If you really want to get through GRE this is the best institute to learn and prep for the gre.

    Augustin Umer Avatar
    Augustin Umer

    GRE was something alien to me. The rumours about its toughness and difficulty were enough to make it impassable for me. This guy not only made the concept of GRE comfortable, his effective teaching methodology and one-on-one mentorship really helped me in pursuing new horizons abroad. Not only is there a rigorous training and revision session, there are assessments to let you analyze where you stand and how you could improve. I would highly recommend this Institute for GRE Prep as well as for proper guidance and counselling about all your higher education worries. Kudos to the people behind it!

    HanXalah Sharif Avatar
    HanXalah Sharif

    The moment I thought of applying for GRE amidst my regular semester,it was very very panicing for me to look for right prepartion material and manage the preparation during regular semester. A friend of mine recommended me Quva. It was indeed very helpful for me. Mr. Umair is a man who knows his stuff and is always availble to clear your quries. His prepartory material incorporates each and everything. I will recommend Quva who is looking for any acadmy.

    Hasnain Zahoor Avatar
    Hasnain Zahoor

    Excellent platform for GRE preparation and guidance related to US admissions.

    Muhammad Waseem Avatar
    Muhammad Waseem

    Sir Umair helped me immensely, specially in verbal reasoning. His approach to tackle the verbal part is quite insightful. He is the best teacher for GRE preparation.

    Talha Bin Farooq Avatar
    Talha Bin Farooq

    I have never seen someone put so much effort for the sake of helping others with such a minimal reward. It's amazing how supportive Umair Bhai is. Your classes are great, your teaching is great, your commitment is extraordinary. Thanks for everything.

    Aun Dastgir Avatar
    Aun Dastgir

    From the teaching method to the notes to the teachers, everything is brilliant i must say. I didnt have any idea about GRE GMAT Or even GAT. The material provided by them is so simple yet clears all the doubts of the student. Being an arts student, it was difficult to revive my mathematical concepts back, but with the constant guidance of them i am now ready to attempt my exam ���

    Mahdia Abid Avatar
    Mahdia Abid

    Umair is the person who finds passion in teaching and is the best teacher i have come across. You wont get a better teacher than him so sign up guys

    Waqas Ahmed Avatar
    Waqas Ahmed

    Anyone planning for GRE exam, should definitely give it a try. Excellent staff with effective teaching and hands on exercises. And i can say all this on behalf of my personal experience.

    Farhad Satti Avatar
    Farhad Satti

    Umair is one of the best teachers for GRE prep, Highly recommended

    Ali Kahoot Avatar
    Ali Kahoot

    There are number of institutions which offer GRE preparation having high profile teachers but they all lack off the personal dedication which Sir Umair offer to each individual.
    - Its not the institution just which I am grading but, its Sir Umair's teaching strategy, guidelines, dedication and hard work too. I recommend this institution to all if its your desire to score above 310

    Osman Hashim Avatar
    Osman Hashim
  • A nice teacher with a brilliant mind and great character.

    Muhammad Usman Avatar
    Muhammad Usman

    Who else can guide u better about getting the best GRE score, other than Umair Khan who himself got 338/340. Definitely the best place to get the guidance, tips and tricks for outstanding GRE Scores.

    Ammaar Arshad Avatar
    Ammaar Arshad

    The best ones in the market! Do not hesitate, just join!

    Ehtisham Tanvir Avatar
    Ehtisham Tanvir

    Mostly you are the one who has to do the preparation but HIS good guidance, experience and friendly teaching style can help you achieve more.

    Najam Ul Hassan Avatar
    Najam Ul Hassan

    For GRE preparation, you need to learn some super smart tips of time saving and finding the shortest possible way to solve a particular problem. From my personal experience, I would say that you can definitely rely on Omair Khan for that.

    Amna Raheel Avatar
    Amna Raheel

    I'm personally a fan of this guy's teaching skills. Definitely an amazing opportunity for those preparing for GRE. 👍

    Alish Hector Avatar
    Alish Hector

    Umair is a dedicated and hardworking teacher who will help you achieve excellence in one of the toughest tests in engineering.

    Hammad Iftikhar Avatar
    Hammad Iftikhar

    Sir Umair is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys his knowledge of complex topics in a manner easily understandable. He taught us a lot in such a short period of time. Highly recommended.

    Tooba Ahmad Gondal Avatar
    Tooba Ahmad Gondal

    Get the best results from the best in the business. Sir Umair is a great teacher and an even better person. Highly recommended (Y)

    Ali Asghar Avatar
    Ali Asghar

    You can't ask for a better teacher than Umair. If you want to improve your scores, this is the place to start with.

    Hamza Khurshid Avatar
    Hamza Khurshid

    I prepared for GRE for about two months from Sir Umair and i must say he is a brilliant teacher who has an excellent grasp of tricks and technicalities in both quantitative and verbal questions. Good wishes.

    Abdul Haseeb Syed Avatar
    Abdul Haseeb Syed

    One of the best mentors i have come across. Sir Umair's approach towards teaching and mentoring his students is exceptional for an exam like GRE/GMAT. He knows how to effectively transfer the knowledge; something not every teacher is able to do around these days. Highly recommended!

    Waleed Shehzad Avatar
    Waleed Shehzad

    Excellent initiative by a capable, thorough and experienced team

    Raahim Raza Avatar
    Raahim Raza

    Need to get a good GRE score? Umair Khan is your guy.

    Hamza Arshad Avatar
    Hamza Arshad

    Extremely professional staff. The founder has an extensive history of proven results.

    Haseeb Javed Avatar
    Haseeb Javed

    Getting the guidance for GRE exam from Umair is a best choice who got the remarkable score in GRE (338/340). Learn the tips and tricks from Umair and succeed in GRE.

    Saad Ali Avatar
    Saad Ali

    When I thought about starting my GRE preparation, many people suggested me sir Umair. So that's what I did and I was more than pleased with it. His teaching methods are very easy to understand and the tips that I got from him are very helpful. He will always be there to help you with any query you have at any time of the day. I don't think there is anyone better than him if you want to prepare for GRE.

    Aamir Hasan Khan Avatar
    Aamir Hasan Khan

    You need tips and tricks alongwith the necessary prep to ace the GRE and I cant think of a person who scored more than Sir umair(338/340) , just go for the best.
    Furthurmore I personally believe that there is no one better out there when it comes to a natural teaching element plus the concern and individual time he is willing to put in

    So what are you waiting for 🙂

    Wajdan Ali Hunzai Avatar
    Wajdan Ali Hunzai

    When it comes to the tricks and concepts of GRE.Umair bhai is the best.

    Sheraz Khan Avatar
    Sheraz Khan

    Been thinking about gre for a year. Just the kind of push and gyidance i needed.

    Zia Ul Islam Avatar
    Zia Ul Islam

    No better person to get GRE guidance from than Sir Umair. He will not only guide you but will also help you with techniques to ensure getting quick answers! A definite recommendation from me.

    Anushe Munir Avatar
    Anushe Munir

    Brilliant teaching method, wonderful experience. Individual attention is given and no problems are left unsolved! Everything you want from a teacher, in one place.

    Ahed Adeel Avatar
    Ahed Adeel

    Excellent and thorough resources, assignments and guidance !

    Fatima Hassan Avatar
    Fatima Hassan

    GRE was a difficult task that I excelled in due to guidance and help of Umair.

    Zainab Nawaz Avatar
    Zainab Nawaz