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GRE Class Timings & Session Details

Two free classes!

Duration of Zoom Classes: 8 Weeks

4 Month Long Access of Resources on Application

Mock Exams: 16

Practice Questions: 1500+

Free Fulbright & Foreign Admission Counseling

Charges: 30,000/-

Class Timings:

Optional Class: Friday : 7 30pm to 9 30pm

Mandatory Classes:

Saturday : 12 00pm to 3 00pm

Sunday: 12 00pm to 3 00pm

Students can also listen to recorded lectures later.

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About the Instructor

Name: Umair Khan

GRE Score: 338/340 (168V, 170Q), 99th Percentile

Alma Mater: Harvard University, NUST

Scholarship: Fulbright Scholarship

Umair took his GRE at the end of 2016 and scored 338/340 in his first attempt, and has been helping students prepare for the GRE since. In 2018, he co-founded Quva and went on to pursue his Master’s degree from Harvard University on the prestigious Fulbright scholarship. During the course of his graduate degree, he took some courses in MIT and also gave an Edtalk at the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education.

After coming back to Pakistan, he has worked in the local education sector to help the government improve quality of education in rural areas, has done his independent research related work and has helped students at Quva ace their GRE exam. His students have gone on to secure admissions in Stanford, UIUC, CMU and other top tier universities. 

University Placements 


I found the sessions at Quva extremely helpful. My weekly routine is quite busy and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to devote enough time to GRE practice, so the fact that these classes are conducted during the weekend is very convenient. The class size is less that 20 people, as a result of which individual attention is given to each student and students are encouraged to ask questions. The questions covered are the difficult ones so that students are aware of the hardest questions they should expect and they can practice the easy and medium level ones on their own. Assignments with all sorts of questions are regularly uploaded onto an online portal and can be completed at any time of the week. I personally found the sessions on the Quantitative section of the exam very useful because I haven’t done maths since A levels, and these sessions helped me learn the relevant concepts very well. The tips taught have made me gain the confidence to practice quantitative questions on my own, which has lead to me being able to practice a lot outside the classroom. I have identified what my strengths and weaknesses are and am able to find time to improve my weaknesses despite having a busy weekly schedule.

Hulma Naseer


My experience with Quva has been extremely wonderful. I started with them when I had absolutely no idea what GRE is all about. They not only provide tons of practice material but also share ways to approach each question systematically and more efficiently which GRE is all about.

Their limited cap size for the class also allowed Sir Umair to pay individual attention to each and every student. I would highly recommend QUVA to anybody who is interested in taking the GRE

Abdur Rehman


I got a chance to study from Sir Farrukh and Sir Umair for GRE quant and verbal respectively. Both the instructors ensured that the classes were always fun and interactive and all students were able to follow through. They put in a lot of effort to ensure all topics were comprehensively covered and also shared helpful strategies for tackling various types of questions. My experience with them has been great and I wish them all the best in their endeavors

Maham Naseem Alavi


For me the GRE has always been an intimidating test. I went to Quva with this particular mindset which was then changed by their instructors through a lot of motivation from their side. They talked me through the whole process of joining, easing a lot of my anxiety related to the test and its preparation. I was in a bit of a predicament when I joined Quva as I had to give the GRE in two weeks and had never even seen a sample test before. But the instructors were highly cooperative and even concerned at times. They devised a study plan which helped cater to my unique situation. I ended up scoring way above my expectations all thanks to them. I would wholeheartedly recommend Quva to anyone who is even thinking about preparing for the GRE.

Haleema Khalil


GRE classes with Sir Umair were a really good experience and very different from my online university classes.
▪️They were Not boring
▪️The session were very interactive.
▪️Everything was taught very well and all concepts were delivered comprehensively giving much clarity and deep understanding of basic principles.
▪️Q&A sessions were REALLY Helpful
▪️I feel much more confident after taking the GRE session.

Highly Recommend Sir Umair’s Classes! 🤗


Mariam Mehmood


Before joining, I was skeptical about whether we will be able to finish a complete GRE course with good preparation in merely three classes per week, but the class itself proved me wrong. Instructor’s teaching style enables student to grasp and understand the topic from different angles. Lectures are to the point, and detailed when needed. The instructor actually ensures that every student has learned the topic and Individual student attention is given if required. In our case, many extra query classes were conducted, and it was ensured that the topic has been understood. Time-based assessments greatly improved the speed to attempt the questions. With them, there were many more assignments designed to increase accuracy with speed. In the past, I also searched other famous institutes before approaching Quva-pro, and choose this over them, and I never regretted my decision and was totally satisfied with it. In a nutshell, I would say the sessions were cost-effective, great class timings with an interesting teaching style.


Quratulain Mansoor


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