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A lot of students frequently ask “Can I take GRE for LUMS? “And “What is a good GRE/GMAT score for LUMS?” The best source to answer any university admission questions is the university itself, and fortunately LUMS has shared details of its MBA class on its website.

Firstly, as LUMS is one of those business schools that accept both GRE and GMAT so students can take the GRE test for LUMS. We have discussed GRE vs GMAT in detail here, you can read this if you are still undecided on which test should you take?


Secondly, there is no score that can guarantee your admission in any university including LUMS. Universities don’t admit candidates solely on the basis of their scores. They admit them on the basis of their profiles i.e. the number of years of work experience, undergraduate performance, your interview and your test scores.
According to the official class profiles,the average GMAT/ GRE( Equivalent) score is 620 and the average work experience is 2.5 years. LUMS admitted 53 students out of which 85% were male and 15% were female, with 38% students from Business and 36% from Engineering background. You can view the class profile in detail here

Since an average score represents the entire class, one can say that any score in the 620-650 is a safe score range. You definitely have a chance at getting in with a score less than 620, but aim for 620+.

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