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One needs to consider various aspects while answering this question. In this article, we have tried to assess each parameter from which test your program prefers to which test you are likely to find easier.

GRE VS GMAT: Which is easier?

From my experience, one of the primary reasons candidates ask this question is because they want to know which test they can score higher in, one simple way to decide is to take a mock test of both GRE and GMAT. This is the easiest way to see which test is easier for you with 100% certainty. The mock test scores are generally almost as accurate as the official results since the exam conducting bodies publish mock themselves. Also, mock exams are made out of retired exam questions and scored out of a large data set from existing record.


GRE VS GMAT: Impact on Career

If you aspire to work in a top financial, management consultancy or investment banking firm, which test should you take? My suggestion is GMAT. Notice I didn’t answer the exact question, which asks for getting into an MBA program and not what you do after taking the degree. Here is why; Your test scores are not just a parameter for an MBA school, but also a consideration for most top firms and while more and more top tier schools are accepting GRE for admission purposes, the schools are not the only body that looks into your scores.

Program requirement

If you are applying for a Business school that does not accept GRE, the entire debate of GMAT vs GRE dies. If it does, you need to look into the requirements of other schools. Besides, are you only applying for Business schools? If you want to apply for any field related programs, you most probably will require GRE. In that case, go for GRE. Do not take both exams, you will only waste a lot of time and financial resources.


If the answer is yes, look at the median GMAT and GRE score for the schools. The data is generally available on their website. Can you hit the median GMAT score comfortably? If you think you can, I recommend going for the GMAT, median GMAT score is generally a safe score for any school. Here is the data for Harvard Business School. Source HBS Website.


Besides, some schools offer scholarships above some GMAT scores, you might want to target those scores and try getting a scholarship as business schools can be really costly.

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