Disclaimer: The blog post is a general guide based on frequently asked questions. The article is not endorsed by UGRAD or any official body and is only meant to help prospective candidates.

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A lot of UGRAD applicants reach out to UGRAD Alums for various queries. Team Quva reached out to Nabeela Bilal, Spring 2018- UGRAD Alum, to discuss some of the problems prospective applicants face and the answers to their queries. Below is a compilation of the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the program and about the field of study.

Frequently Asked Questions- UGRAD Pakistan

  1. Scans of original documents are enough, in case you don’t have original documents, take copies and get them attested by any gazetted authority or by University Professors.

  2. Only students of 2nd and 3rd year are eligible for this scholarship, this makes students in 3,4,5,6 semester eligible. USEFP never compromises on this rule even if you get selected by chance being in 1st or 4th year, the moment they realize their mistake they will withdraw your selection even if you got the visa! I have personally seen a case of a 4th-year student who’s selection was withdrawn just a week before the flight!

  3. Instead of asking alumni to send there SOP as a sample, ask them how they wrote their SOP, what elements they mentioned?
    I know a lot of my senior and junior alumni who wrote their SOPs without taking any sort of samples! This is your ability and vision that would ultimately become criteria of your selection. Genuine and honest wins the game!

  4. A low CGPA does not decrease your chances. Students with 2.00 or 4.00 both have equal chances of selection.

  5. Your extracurricular activities/ community service matters a lot. Be they two or ten in number both have equal chances, so don’t worry if you have just one activity to mention

  6. Sometimes application page gets stuck, try logging out, refreshing and log in to continue the application.

  7. For necessary fields, if you don’t have anything to write, write "Nil". For example for the fax number.

  8. Passport and TOEFL isn’t required at this stage of application.

  9. SOP should be of 250 words, that’s it.

Carefully read the instructions on the application page, you will get all the answers.

  1. Be positive and help others!

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Confusions Regarding Fields of study: GLOBAL-UGRAD PAKISTAN

  1. First of all, try to understand the essence of this program. Its non-degree Cultural Exchange program. It’s non-degree meaning whatever you study in the USA will not be counted in your degree in Pakistan except if your university in Pakistan agrees to transfer those courses you studied in the USA. For that you can talk to the administration of your Pakistani University regarding acceptance of exchange semester courses or you can convince them. USEFP has nothing to do with that.

  2. It’s an exchange program for undergraduates level studies in all fields of study be it MBBS, Social sciences, BDS, all Applied science s, all Engineerings etc. You can apply!

  3. UGRAD doesn’t offer any courses, once you get selected they will send your portfolio to different universities in the USA for your admission in your field of study. Don’t worry it’s USEFP’s headache to find your field of study in USA universities, that are huge in number and do offer fields of studies that are offered in Pakistan.

  4. If you want to study something other then your major field in USA lets say Music, you can study and indicate in your Application. On a side note, you will have to state a logical reason for that in SOP within 1 or 2 lines.

  5. If you have done BSC, 2 years of study and now you are doing Msc you can apply given that you are in the 15th year of your education.

  6. Personal statement is critical regarding selection but there is no need to get panic. It’s not SOP like for masters or Ph.D. admissions. It’s just about yourself. I believe if you can’t write about yourself a paragraph, then you are not eligible for this scholarship as its all about YOURSELF and your role in COMMUNITY in one or other way.

  7. Encourage your friends and fellows to apply, your kindness and generosity will be paid by none other then Allah, there is no need to hide things/scholarship opportunities. Whatever is destiny to you, you will get! Stay Positive and optimistic.

Written by: Nabeela Bilal
Spring 2018 Alumni

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