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Why us?

Quva is solving the problem of lack of access of quality education at affordable pricing for masses. We give students access to great online lectures and share profits with teachers. We work with teachers who are driven by the desire to make world-class courses using modern visual tools to aid learning and enhance engagement.

✓ Record once, earn forever

✓ Greater recognition & compensation for your teaching skills

✓ Design your Masterclass your way

✓Up to 90k in advance for course recording

✓ Dynamic Incentive Structure: Earn 37.5%-91% per sale

✓ Greater Compensation than traditional academies (15-20%) with one-time effort.

We are here to help you

We take care of everything so you can do what you love: Teaching. Our team takes feedback on your recorded lectures so you can make any adjustments that you need to, handles the graphic editing and the animation work, markets and sells the course and wires your profits to your bank account.

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