Quva announces FREE GRE sessions and Fulbright guidance for aspiring graduate and postgraduate students

The EdTech startup is making its best resources available to deserving students free of cost for a limited time.

Quva announces free of cost 7-week long online GRE sessions and Fulbright guidance from April 19, 2020, to candidates who may be applying abroad for Graduate studies. The startup will also be partnering with accomplished Fulbright alumni and other graduates from top-tier universities to lead its guidance sessions on the scholarship.

The startup previously offered GRE sessions at its two campuses in Lahore, where rigorous learning and carefully planned content allowed many of its students to score well in the GRE and land admissions in top tier universities in the United States. However, the ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19 has hindered its students’ preparation for the GRE and has presented a situation where many other people find themselves unemployed, looking for a backup plan. This is why Quva has taken its entire GRE session online to help all such people utilize this free time to continue their academic journey uninterrupted. The startup plans to keep its sessions free for the duration of the lockdown. 

The registration process is simple, students need to fill the signup form given on the website (quvapro.com) and take the basic assessment test using the link they will receive in email. During the 7-week long GRE session, Quva will be sharing its most valuable resources with deserving students who are truly ambitious about pursuing their Graduate studies at a prestigious foreign university. To this end, the startup will be screening all prospective applicants with a simple entrance test that will evaluate basic understanding of numbers and text, to ensure that only serious applicants attend the session. The startup is committed to having a learning platform where students can freely discuss their academic concerns and have an engaging learning experience while maintaining class decorum, which is why they deem such measures necessary.

Once the candidates are finalized, the classes will begin online via Zoom. Basic concept building sessions will be held thrice a week, followed by advanced GRE questions for the rest of the week. The session will be punctuated with online assignments, quizzes and mock exams provided by the instructors to constantly gauge and optimize the progress of each student. Moreover, weekly webinars will be held with graduates from top-tier universities who will guide the applicants through the whole process and address their queries and concerns. These sessions will also be available on Quva’s Facebook Group and Youtube channel.

Quva is an EdTech startup that offers the first of its kind blended learning experience for test-takers across Pakistan through its online learning products. Quva is also one of the nine EdTech startups incubated at Plan9 in 2018 as part of UKAid’s Ilm Ideas II Project.

For further queries regarding the upcoming online GRE session or any partnerships and collaborations, please drop an email at contact@quvapro.com.